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By Roland Hinterholzl

During this booklet, Hinterhölzl presents a accomplished research of 3 salient phenomena of West Germaic, specifically scrambling, remnant circulate and restructuring, and discusses their interrelatedness. particularly, restructuring is proven to collapse into remnant move of the most important stages of the infinitival clause, accounting for the formation of verb clusters and the transparency of restructuring infinitives.

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8) a. *weil seinei Mutter jedeni liebt since his mother-NOM everyone-ACC loves b. weil jedeni seinei Mutter liebt since everyone-ACC his mother-NOM loves Scrambling can lead to scope ambiguities. Stress in the former statement is on the modal can, since there seem to be two groups of speakers. For speakers of the first group, scope is solely a matter of surface relations. For these speakers, including me, the scrambled structure in (9b) is as unambiguous as the base structure in (9a), though the scope relations have been inverted by scrambling.

The former property of coherent infinitives would follow trivially from the fact that the dependent infinitive and its selecting verb form a complex head. The latter property of coherent infinitives has been explained in the following way: Evers assumed that VR gives rise to a process of S-pruning. Van Riemsdijk and Haegeman assumed that reanalysis gives rise to a multidimensional representation: one dimension to represent the biclausal properties and one dimension to represent the monoclausal properties of coherent infinitives.

Weil [fast jeden Mann] [mindestens eine Frau] t liebt since almost every man-ACC at least one woman-NOM loves It is important to note that also for the second group binding relations are strictly read off from surface relations. In German, scrambling may not only create new binding possibilities; it may also destroy binding possibilities, as the example adopted from H&R shows. Even for speakers of the second group, the unbound anaphor in (10b) cannot be saved by reconstructing it into its base-position.

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