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To further simplify the analysis, we consider the point of observation to he in the plane of reflection symmetry */T(0). Observation points not quite in the symmetry plane are considered in the closing part of Appendix B. Finally, we adopt the convention that the distance (x/d + tan φ) is always positive; thus, the observation point lies ahead of the rupture front when φ is positive and behind when φ is negative. This is the same convention that we adopted earlier in the two-dimensional Love-wave calculation.

34). It is evaluated on the surface at r = R. 21) 28 J. D. ACHENBACH AND JOHN G. 22) cos 2a 2 T where y = cos 1 [(c /c )cosa]. 23) x The distance R, the angle 0, and the angle a are related to the position χ by Eqs. 13). In Eqs. 24a) cr a < a or α > (π - a ) . 24b) cr c r In the previous section, we discussed the influence of the caustic surface; therefore, it will be sufficient here to consider points χ on the surface that are not reached by rays emitted from A that graze the caustic surface. Thus, we shall assume that (1 4- cos OR/ρ) is positive.

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