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From their own side they have nothing within them to be grasped at as real, true or valid. Maintain a constant awareness that everything exists in this illusory way. Although the mountains, houses, and so forth that appear to us may very much seem to inherently exist from their own side, they do not really exist in the way that we perceive them. They are simply empty images. Our understanding of their true mode of existence is as mistaken as is the perception of someone watching and believing in the horses, elephants, and so forth conjured up by a sorcerer’s spells.

If you think that the T which is a product of the inborn grasping at inherent existence is different than the body and mind, this means that the T must be completely unrelated to them. Of course, in the common sense of the words there is a difference between the T and the ‘body and mind5; but, if this difference is made on the basis of inherent existence, it implies a complete disconnection. Thus, if the T were inherently different, we would be able to mentally remove the body and mind and be left with the T as a remainder.

Maitripa first saw his guru Shavari as a butcher of pigs. Moreover, even though Buddha himself had passed beyond all faults he occasionally would behave as though he had faults in order to reach the minds of the disciples possessing the very faults he would demonstrate. One should contemplate these and other such illustrations and strive to eliminate the mind which projects negativity on the guru. III. Being Mindful of the G uru’s Kindness It is said that all happiness in the world and beyond arises Three Texts on Guru Yoga 57 purely from the kindness of the spiritual masters.

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