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By Dorling Kindersley

Смотрите и учитесь запоминать все богатство повседневной лексики на испанском языке с этим инновационным руководством по языку. Необходимый частотный словарь охватывает широкий спектр тем, обеспечивает быстрое и эффективное обучение для любой ситуации и прост в использовании. Представляет собой словарь современного мира в картинках и фотографиях в тематическом порядке.

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This may help you to remember the e in the middle syllable. dessert See dessiccated Wrong spelling. See destroy destroyed, destroying (not dis-) See ADDING ENDINGS (iii). detached (not detatched) deter deterred, deterring See ADDING ENDINGS DECENT OR DESCENT?. DISEASE. DESERT OR DESSERT?. DESICCATED. (iv). deteriorate (not deteriate, as it is often mispronounced) deterrent (not -ant) develop developed, developing (not -pp-) development (not developement) device/devise DEVICE is the noun. A padlock is an intriguing DEVICE.

A KERNEL is the inner part of a nut. COLOSSAL. ­ 39 COLONS colons (i) Colons can introduce a list: Get your ingredients together: flour, sugar, dried fruit, butter and milk. Note that a summing-up word should always precede the colon (here ‘ingredients’). (ii) Colons can precede an explanation or amplification of what has gone before: The teacher was elated: at last the pupils were gaining in confidence. Note that what precedes the colon must always be able to stand on its own grammatically. It must be a sentence in its own right.

Cieling Wrong spelling. See CEILING. cigarette (not -rr) 38 CHOIR. CHOOSE my words carefully. am CHOOSING my words carefully. CHOSE my words carefully yesterday. have CHOSEN them carefully. COLONEL OR KERNEL? cite, sight or site? To CITE means to refer to. SIGHT is vision or something seen. A SITE is land, usually set aside for a particular purpose. clarity See clothes or cloths? CLOTHES are garments. CLOTHS are dusters or scraps of material. coarse or course? COARSE means vulgar, rough: COARSE language, COARSE cloth.

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