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By David Hodgson

You are the Republic's merely wish . . . or greatest threat.
·Detailed stats, apparatus, and talent descriptions for all social gathering participants
·Covers all major allies and foes
·Exhaustive Jedi Mastery is helping you grasp every one Jedi category
·Detailed maps for each planet and placement
·Construct the final word weapon and armor kits with our professional workbench assistance
·All mystery Powers unearthed!
·All Jedi social gathering individuals published!
·The top ranged and melee guns strive against demonstrated and authorized!

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Awareness is always active, but results are best if the character is moving slowly. Running imparts a -5 penalty to any Awareness check. Your main character should carry the burden of devoting skill points to Awareness, since that’s who you’re usually controlling. Even if Awareness fails, you can still spot cloaked enemies by their shimmering outline. Mines, however, are practically impossible to see without good Awareness; spotted mines are clearly shown as brightly glowing spheres. Those specializing in Demolitions should therefore also have a high Awareness skill.

CONSTITUTION (CON) Constitution represents your health and stamina; the higher your constitution, the harder you are to kill. Your constitution modifier is added to: • Vitality • Fortitude saves Every character can benefit from having a high constitution, because your CON bonus is added to your vitality every time you gain a level. Should your CON bonus increase during the course of the game, the extra vitality points are added retroactively for every level you have. Having a high CON bonus also improves your resistance to poisoning and certain Force powers, like Drain Life and Wound.

However, your main feat is Force Focus, enhancing your Force powers still further. Back this up with suitable equipment, such as the Force Focusing Visor or the Circlet of Saresh. The Consular’s main advantage is the wide selection of Force powers and large pool of Force points, but be ready to choose a light or dark path and follow the powers that help your alignment, as you suffer penalties for employing powers diametrically opposed to your destiny. For light side Consulars, plan on helping your party by utilizing Heal, Force Valor, and Revitalize, as well as the ever-popular Stun trio, which is extremely effective.

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