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By Matusow, Harvey

Method and strategies of worldwide communism : Hearings ahead of the Subcommittee to enquire the management of the inner protection Act and different inner defense legislation of the Committee at the Judiciary, usa Senate, Eighty-fourth congress, first consultation, pursuant to S. Res. fifty eight ...

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SouRwiNE. I want to get the photostat authenticated. Mr. Matusow. They are typewritten sheets. I can identify the typewriter they were made on as ISIr. Kahn's typewriter. I can identify the handwriting on the top of the worksheets and they are the same worksheets found in the volume you have just described. That is a volume transcribed of the tape recordings previously mentioned in this hearing. Mr. SouRwiNE. That is correct. I ask, Mr. Chairman, that this photostatic copy of the worksheets as identified by Mr.

1) Work Sheet— 12/1^16/54 Jencks ( 1. Give background to case case) — how Mat first met Clint and where his feelings about Clint and the reports he made on him when Mat was first approached regarding indictment of Jencks and what was a) b) asked of him Mat's appearance before Grand Jury 2. Describe atmosphere in El Paso at time of trial a) Press treatment of testimony, TV and radio — c) and defense jury 3. Mat's feelings at the trial 4. Nature of Mat's testimony a) make mention of use of "attack" on father (see previous reference) b) refer to previous testimony before House Un-American Activities Comm where it was stated Mat knew of "no individual who had planned to obstruct war production" c) chief accusations against Clint d) comment re "Communist affair" at which Vincents were made and how Mat "knew" Vincents were "Communists" b) attorneys for prosecution c) — * Suggest compilation of general chronology of work, testimony before committees, testiat trials, connection with McCarthy, association with Counterattack, service with Ohio Commission, etc.

Page 14 Thurs May 12th. Santo lost his glasses. The bed in Cabo Rojo got up at 7 and ate breakfest. (Red Cape) was very bad, and the hotel stunk in all respects, but so what, it is working class. We ate breakfest at the home of a friend. Last nite they had a meeting here and was quite good, but cry was for money. Went to Myeguez to look for film and didn't find any there. Stoped at the market and ted got the radion fixed, and bought some sandles, and fruit, boy can he eat I fooled them when they thought I didn't eat anything buy having a green coconut, it is soft and the Milk is very good.

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