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Covers each point of flow fishing together with knowing currents, fishing walking and from watercraft, utilizing fly and spin take on, and lots more and plenty extra.

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Following that ever-moving trail of water can easily become a goal in itself. Smallmouth streams often run through the most scenic areas. Much of Oklahoma is arid and bare, but the smallmouth streams on the east side of the state flow through beautiful wooded hills. Get on the smallie waters of eastern Iowa with their limestone outcroppings and you'll have trouble believing you are really in an agricultural state. Heavily populated Pennsylvania has dozens of streams that amaze and delight new anglers with their beauty and tranquility.

But once you realize where they are most likely to occur you can pinpoint them and work them carefully. This means making several casts right through these breaks, from a downstream position if possible. Bulges Another current phenomenon that should be understood by all river and creek devotees is the small "bulges" and eddies created when the current strikes large obstructions (especially rocks). There are small areas of slow-moving water both in front of and behind the obstruction. " Both of these areas are worth fishing.

If bass in Page 28 large waterways have these large obstructions (probably large boulders) along shallow shorelines, spawning success can be fairly high. Good anglers can often tell if reproduction is regularly successful on a given river simply by taking careful note of the size fish they catch. If you consistently catch bass of many different sizes (year classes), it's a safe bet that spawning has been consistent for several years. Conversely, if there are large gaps in the size of the fish you catch, reproduction has probably been poor during some years.

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