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Survival In Any scenario: construct Your final Go-Bag! (There is a unique hyperlink within the booklet that provides you a $110 loose Bonus content material so that you can view on-line instantly.) construct Your final Go-Bag contains: clinical provides you cannot find the money for to depart domestic with no. tips on how to prioritize your wishes while the SHTF. making a choice on shielding guns. What piece of garments can both deep you alive or kill you. making a survival frame of mind. hyperlink to source and bonus fabric. Plus even more!

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Trust Your Life To Quality And Reliability: Here’s The Products I Trust And Recommend” In the previous chapter, I came up with 4 categories of survival equipment that should be in every go-bag regardless of its mission. Once again, they are: WeaponsFood and WaterMedical SuppliesCommunicationsWeapons My favorite topic. All the survival preparations in the world count for nothing if you are unable to protect yourself. You must be able to stop bad people from harming you. Nothing works better than pure, raw, naked, deadly force judiciously applied.

Other style Mad Dog knives may be easier to find. OC spray. That is, oleoresin capsicum or commonly called pepper spray. A non-lethal solution to many sticky situations. While having deadly force available, it is not always the best solution. It rarely is the best solution. OC spray makes a dandy alternative. If you can’t run, and deadly force will cause more problems than it will solve, the OC spray may be the best answer to your situation. Works great against big angry dogs. Ask me how I know.

My choices: Remington 870 in a Police or Tactical model. Mossberg 590 seriesEither of these guns will make good defensive shotguns. Some models have reported to be better than others. Do your research. Make a decision. Knives Big knife and small knife. Have them all. com/TheWeapon) Fixed blade knive for camp, hunting, defense. I like my Gerber “Bear Grylls” model as it does many things well. Folding knife. No excuse not to have it in your pocket. I like my Gerbers and Kershaws. They are decent commercial production knives.

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