The Acquisition of Intensifiers: Emphatic Reflexives in by Insa Gulzow PDF

By Insa Gulzow

Insa G?lzow analyzes the purchase of intensifiers through young children buying German or English as their first language. in keeping with a comparative research of intensifiers and comparable expressions within the languages, she examines the longitudinal construction information of six German-speaking and 6 English-speaking young ones with reference to whilst and within which contexts the intensifiers German selbst/selber and English x-self (myself, your self, himself, etc.) look. As intensifiers evoke choices to the referent in their concentration and relate a vital referent to extra peripheral substitute referents, they're a tremendous linguistic skill to constitution the contributors of a kid's early discourse. through integrating intensifiers into their utterances, teenagers can establish themselves as critical. The inspiration of being incorporated or excluded in a definite situation is proper for kids whilst interacting with their mom and dad and/or different young children. during improvement, young children collect a couple of either linguistic and non-linguistic abilities that represent them as more and more self sufficient and powerfuble brokers. during this procedure, intensifiers are a massive linguistic gadget with which young ones can negotiate and touch upon their participation in a given occasion. the 3 components of the quantity consist first, of a close research of the intensifiers selbst/selber and x-self and similar expressions corresponding to allein and through x-self within the languages. designated consciousness is given to the truth that in English, intensifiers and reflexive pronouns are exact expressions whereas in German they're certain. moment, earlier result of comprehension stories are conscientiously reviewed for you to relate them to the findings in longitudinal creation info. 3rd, a close research of the kid's early use of intensifiers and comparable expressions is gifted.

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PART ‘The door closed’. (40) a. The door closed by itself. b. The door closed. Agent-sensitive expressions 25 The English expressions x-self, by x-self, on one’s own, of one’s own accord and German expressions selbst/allein, von selbst/von allein, von sich aus, aus eigenem Antrieb can all be used adverbial exclusively. These expressions can interact with either the whole concept of an agent or with selected properties of an agentive subject. Depending on which properties are involved, the expressions display various degrees of specification.

Depending on whether a sentence is a prototypical example of a transitive sentence in this sense or not, the expressions selbst/selber and x-self favor either an adverbial exclusive or an adverbial inclusive interpretation. If a sentence ranks high on the transitivity scale, the expressions tend to have an adverbial exclusive meaning. If a sentence ranks low on the transitivity scale, the same expressions tend to have an adverbial inclusive meaning. Sentences that have neither very high nor very low values of transitivity are typically ambiguous.

Don’t hurt your leg! In the present study, child language data of each of the two patterns described above will be analyzed. It is expected that the typological difference will surface in the paths the children follow when acquiring intensive expressions in German and English. The input that English 18 Intensifiers and agent-sensitive expressions children receive regarding intensifiers and reflexive pronouns differs from that of children acquiring German as their first language in so far as English children hear an identical form be used both as a referential and as a nonreferential expression.

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