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By E. Paul Durrenberger, Gisli Palsson


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Outsiders often spend considerable effort trying to get inside. Therefore, inside views, particularly when they are so well informed, are especially welcome. Kristmundsdóttir also provides us with a unique perspective. She was a member of parliament for the women's slate (Kvennalistinn) from 1983 to 1987, the formative years of the third phase of the women's movement she discusses. She uses her experience in Icelandic political life to inform our view of Icelandic culture, history, and society.

Kinship and Gender Problems and Prospects in the Study of Icelandic Kinship George W. Rich 53 Outside, Muted, and Different: Icelandic Women's Movements and Their Notions of Authority and Cultural Separateness Sigríður Dúna Kristmundsdóttir 80 Public View and Private Voices Inga Dóra Björnsdóttir 98 III. Culture, Class, and Ethnicity Language and Society: The Ethnolinguistics of Icelanders Gísli Pálsson 121 Work and the Identity of the Poor: Work Load, Work Discipline, and Self-Respect Finnur Magnússon 140 Page vi Adaptation to an Ethnic Structure: The Urban Icelandic-Canadians of Winnipeg John S.

Like the better-known debates of Redfield and Lewis on Tepoztlan and Mead and Freeman on Samoa, the debate on kinship and friendship raises fundamental questions regarding the making of ethnographies and their authenticity (see Clifford and Marcus 1986). The sheer number of reports by foreign ethnographers on Icelandic topics is somewhat surprising, at least if one considers the relatively scant attention foreign anthropologists have paid to the neighboring "Nordic" societies of the Faroe Islands, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

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