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9, is then that of the primary particles. 30 F. GUDRUN ALM CARLSSON EXAMPLES OF THE USEFULNESS OF THE VECTOR FORMALISM Two illustrative examples will be given to demonstrate the power of the vector formalism in clarifying important quantities and problems in radiation dosimetry. 1. Determination of the Mean Energy Imparted to a Finite Body In diagnostic radiology, it is of interest to determine the mean energy imparted to the patient during an examination for use as a crude basis for risk estimates.

It is beyond the scope of this chapter to give a detailed treatment of methods for solving transport equations. The interested reader is referred to reviews by Fano et al. (1959), Roesch (1968), and O'Brien (1980). 1. THEORETICAL BASIS FOR DOSIMETRY C. 45 RADIATION EQUILIBRIUM Calculations of absorbed dose are considerably simplified if states of radiation equilibrium can be assumed. , within a radiation detector when this is equipped with a lining (wall) of an identical material. The requirement of a complete knowledge of the field of charged particles is then relaxed.

TEven charged particles are associated with a probability of interaction ì per unit length. Their mean free paths l/ì, however, are generally so small that they are usually not considered. 1. THEORETICAL BASIS FOR DOSIMETRY 37 The expression in Eq. (50) yields exactly the absorbed dose as defined in Eq. (14) and could serve as an alternative definition. It is the product of the expectation value of the number of basic processes taking place per unit mass and the expectation value of the imparted energy in each of these processes.

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