The Legitimate Use of Military Force (Justice, International by Howard M. Hensel PDF

By Howard M. Hensel

Via a cautious exam of spiritual and philosophical literature, the participants to the amount learn, examine and verify assorted Western, Islamic, Hindu and East Asian views about the acceptable standards that are supposed to govern the choice to lodge to using armed strength and, as soon as that call is made, what constraints should still govern the particular behavior of army operations. In doing so, the amount promotes a greater knowing of a number of the ways that assorted peoples and societies in the worldwide group procedure the query of what constitutes the valid use of army strength as an software of coverage within the answer of conflicts.

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194; Nelson, 1982, p. 128. ” Quoted in George, 1999, p. 235. It should be emphasized that theocentric natural law views neither the component elements composing the community nor the community 22 25 26 27 28 29 The Legitimate Use of Military Force itself as being in opposition to the individual. Indeed, theocentric natural law views the individual, the various component elements within the community, as well as the community itself as naturally synergistically intertwined. Moreover, the various institutions, associations and relationships within the community serve to stand between the individual and the state.

But again, reflecting Hobbes’s exclusive emphasis on utilitarian self-interest, human beings reason that the degree to which they compromise their liberty to pursue power without restraint in a state of nature must be favorably counterbalanced by the greater benefits of mutual security that they will obtain by entering society and yielding to a governing authority. 47 Hobbes stressed that the individuals composing society must mutually agree to respect and yield to the unlimited authority of a sovereign government to regulate social interactions between the various members of society.

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