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By Lexus, Rough Guides

The tough consultant phrasebook may have you talking French once you arrive. This totally revised 3rd variation comprises 16-pages of extra state of affairs fabric, from requesting instructions and ordering a pitcher of wine to checking educate instances and booking a lodge room. Recorded by means of local French audio system, the situations can be found as downloadable audio documents both in your machine or iPod – ideal for practising your pronunciation. With A-Z English to French and A-Z French to English translations, this pocket-sized phrasebook is like taking alongside your individual own translator!

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Parlay voo] enjoy: to enjoy oneself s’amuser [samOO O zay] dialogue how did you like the film? comment as-tu trouvé le O troovay] film? [komON atOO I enjoyed it very much j’ai beaucoup aimé [jay bo-koo paymay] ABCDEFGHIJKLEn 56 enjoyable très agréable [tray zagrayabl] enlargement (of photo) l’agrandissement m [agrONdeesmON] enormous énorme [aynorm] enough assez [assay] there’s not enough il n’y a pas assez [eel nya pa] it’s not big enough ce n’est pas assez grand that’s enough ça suffit [sa sOO O fee] entrance l’entrée f [ONtray] envelope l’enveloppe f [ONvlop] epileptic épileptique [aypeelepteek] equipment (for climbing etc) l’équipement m [aykeepmON] error l’erreur f [air-rurr] especially spécialement [spaysyalmON] essential essentiel [aysONs-yel] it is essential that ...

Est-ce que c’est loin? [eskuh say lwAN] awful affreux [afruh] axle l’essieu m [ess-yuh] B English š French at six o’clock à six heures at Paul’s chez Paul [shay] athletics l’athlétisme m [atlayteess-muh] Atlantic l’Atlantique m [atlONteek] attractive séduisant [saydweezON] aubergine l’aubergine f August août [oo] aunt la tante [tONt] Australia l’Australie f [ostralee] Australian australien(ne) [ostralee-AN, -en] I’m Australian (man/woman) je chambre avec balcon 35 English š French ABCDEFGHIJKLBa bald chauve [shohv] ball (large) le ballon [balON] (small) la balle [bal] ballet le ballet banana la banane [banan] band (musical) l’orchestre m [orkestr] (pop, rock) le groupe bandage le pansement [pONsmON] Bandaids® les pansements mpl [pONsmON] bank (money) la banque [bONk] bank account le compte en banque [kONt ON bONk] bar le bar a bar of chocolate une tablette de chocolat [tablet duh shokola] barber’s le coiffeur pour hommes [kwafurr poor om] basket le panier [pan-yay] bath le bain [bAN] can I have a bath?

Bonjour monsieur/madame, que puis-je faire pour vous? [kuh pweej fair poor voo] I’d like to make an appointment j’aimerais prendre rendez-vous ABCDEFGHIJKLAp [jemray prONdr] what time would you like? quelle heure vous conviendrait-elle? [kel urr voo kONvee-ANdrayt-el] three o’clock trois heures I’m afraid that’s not possible, is four o’clock all right? cela ne va pas être possible, est-ce que quatre heures vous irait? [vooz eeray] yes, that will be fine oui, cela ira parfaitement [eera parfetmON] the name was ...?

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