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By William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's valedictory play is usually one in all his such a lot poetical and magical. the tale includes the spirit Ariel, the savage Caliban, and Prospero, the banished Duke of Milan, now a wizard residing on a distant island who makes use of his magic to shipwreck a celebration of ex-compatriots.

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279 Hast thou forgot her? Ariel No, sir. Prospero Thou hast. Where was she born? Speak, tell me. 280 Prospero O, was she so? I must Once in a month recount what thou hast been, Which thou forget’st. This damned281 witch Sycorax For mischiefs282 manifold, and sorceries terrible To enter283 human hearing, from Argier Thou know’st was banish’d. For one thing she did284 They would not take her life. Is not this true? Ariel Ay, sir. Prospero This blue-eyed285 hag286 was hither brought with child,287 And here was left by the sailors.

53 enter Mariners, soaking wet Mariners All lost,54 to prayers, to prayers, all lost! 55 Gonzalo The King and Prince at prayers, let’s56 assist them, For our case is as theirs. Sebastian I’am57 out of patience. 58 cheated of our lives by drunkards. 61 50 55 confused noise within Mercy on us! We split, we split! Farewell, my wife and children! 62 We split, we split, we split! Antonio Let’s all sink wi’ the King. Sebastian Let’s take leave of him. exit Antonio and Sebastian Gonzalo Now would I give a thousand furlongs63 of sea for an acre of barren ground.

Prospero The hour’s now come, The very minute bids thee ope thine ear. Obey, and be attentive. Canst thou remember A time before we came unto this cell? I do not think thou canst, for then thou wast not Out33 three years old. Miranda Certainly sir, I can. Prospero By what? By any other house, or person? Of any thing the image, tell me, that Hath kept with34 thy remembrance. Miranda ’Tis far off, And rather like a dream than an assurance35 That my remembrance warrants. Had I not 27 foresight, advance preparation 28 regulated, controlled, arranged* 29 destruction, loss, ruin* 30 befallen, happened 31 bootless inquisition ϭ helpless/useless inquiry, search, investigation 32 wait 33 yet, quite 34 kept with ϭ been preserved/saved in 35 certainty 11 30 35 40 45 act 1 • scene 2 Four, or five women once, that tended36 me?

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