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By Y. S. Touloukian, R. K. Kirby, R. E. Taylor, P. D. Desai

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0 the value of y is nearly constant since the whole spectrum of vibrational frequencies is excited and;·, is merely the arithmetic average of the y,, I i'co = 3N 3N L i'; (44) r=l In the low-temperature limit the Debye continuum is a valid model and again y will approach a constant value. (38) where /' = ;·(V, T) = v If the pressure is set equal to zero in Eq. , 7a (45) Yo= where IJ 0 is the limiting value off! 0 at low temperatures. If the weighting of the y, changes with temperature the results can be a large variation of 1 with temperature, sometimes leading to negative values.

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