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By Eva Zerz

The prior few many years have witnessed an expanding curiosity within the box of multidimensional structures concept. this can be thinking about platforms whose trajectories count no longer on one unmarried variable (usually interpreted as time or frequency), yet on numerous self sustaining variables, resembling the coordinates of an image.
The behavioural strategy brought through J. C. Willems presents a very appropriate framework for constructing a linear structures concept in different variables. The publication offers with the classical techniques of autonomy, controllability, observability, and stabilizability. all of the checks and standards given are optimistic within the experience that algorithmic models will be applied in smooth laptop algebra platforms, utilizing Gröbner foundation techniques.
There is a detailed connection among multidimensional platforms thought and strong keep watch over of one-dimensional platforms with a number of doubtful parameters. The crucial hyperlink is composed within the simple software of linear fractional changes. The booklet concludes with examples from the idea of electric networks.

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Consider the following standard feedback configuration: U2 e2 ~f I C Ul I_ el I Fig. 1. Feedback Loop. 3) is non-singular, which is true iff P E 7~p• and such that det(I - PC) # O. We say that C is a s t a b i l i z for P (or, for short, C s t a b i l i z e s P) if I C H ( P , C ) := p]-I I E M(S). 4) A plant P is called s t a b i l i z a b l e if it possesses a stabilizing controller C. Although an action of non-causal rational functions on signals has not been defined, we consider the stabilization problem for arbitrary rational matrices P and C.

Co-prime Factorizations of Multivariate Rational Matrices "only if": Let (D, N) be a left co-prime factorization of H, then [N -D ]M=O. 1 below. 1. Let R E 79g• be a minimal left annihilator. If R M = 0 and rank (R) + rank (M) = q, then R is a minimal left annihilator of M . Proof. Let R be a minimal left annihilator of M1. Let ~/Mz -- 0 for some rational row vector ~/. There exists a polynomial d ~ 0 such t h a t dr/is polynomial, and d~M1 = O. Thus &/ -- ~R for some polynomial row vector and hence d~M = 0 and ~ M --- O.

T h e o r e m 12 [48] A minimal left (right) annihilator of a bivariate polynomial matrix is either zero or can be chosen to be a matrix with full row (column) rank. Proof. Let M E "Dqxn be given. Let ker(M) = {17 E DlXq,r/M = O} and cok(M) = Dlxn/:DI• A polynomial matrix is a minimal left annihilator of M iff its rows generate ker(M). The sequence 0 --r ker(M) r 7:)l• M)~)l• __~ cok(M) --* 0 is exact. As cok(M) is a finitely generated :D-module, there exists a finite free resolution of cok(M) of length _< 2.

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